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The Drama Guild has been a Parish organization for 70 years! In these 70 years, we have entertained audiences with numerous shows of many different genres and themes. Our Drama Guild not only provides a nice experience for the audience, theatre-goer, passerby, etc., it also provides an outlet for the children and adults that do not have anywhere else to express themselves. Our program teaches that anyone can be an actor with just a little bit of time and commitment. It helps our children and adults be a part of a team and learn the power of the written word. We are an inclusive program that strives to help children and adults with learning disabilities, social anxieties, etc., to interact and form relationships they may have not normally done.

Our beloved Lindo Meli Stage and sound system are in desperate need of an upgrade. Throughout recent productions, we have been making quick fixes to the curtains, lighting, and sound. However, over time we’ve been experiencing more and more issues.

We are asking for your assistance to help us maintain our standards of excellence, and ensure we can continue to bring live theater to Woodside and Queens for many years to come.

Whether you are an actor in the productions or simply enjoy attending them, know that your contribution will make a difference and is greatly appreciated.  To thank you for your generosity. Your name will be placed in the next show’s program and you will receive complimentary show tickets for our Spring 2020 production of Suessical (performance of your choice) as a token of our eternal gratitude.     


Angels                               $25                                                           Acknowledged in Playbill

Faithfuls                            $50                                  Acknowledged in Playbill & 1 free ticket

Disciples                           $100                               Acknowledged in Playbill & 2 free tickets

Apostles                            $200                                          Acknowledged in Playbill & 3 free 

Martyrs                             $500                              Acknowledged in Playbill, 5 free tickets &
                                                                                                                 1 DVD of the production

Saints                              $1000                              Acknowledged in Playbill, 8 free tickets &
                                                                                                                      2 DVDs of production


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